“Oh, come on. Y…

“Oh, come on. You have to admit that you’re unusual, Vin. You’re like some strange mixture of a noblewoman, a street urchin, and a cat. Plus, you’ve managed — in our short three years together — to kill not only my god, but my father, my brother, and my fiancee. That’s kind of like a homicidal hat trick. It’s a strange foundation for a relationship, wouldn’t you say?”

This quote was from Elend to Vin in The Hero Of Ages (Mistborn Book III). This sentence cracked me up. Vin did indeed kill all those people, but the way it happened hid this observation until you stop to think about it. I love how it gets thrown out in the open like that.


“Oh God, tell m…

“Oh God, tell me you’re real, tell me you’re real and even if you’re not real at least be convincing!”

Minh makes a spectacular return to the series in Spinward Fringe Broadcast 3: Triton… Spoilers Alert – Minh had been isolated for 7-8 years in the story and it just wasn’t the same without him. Oh how I missed his little one liners.


“As we are all …

“As we are all stardust, it is our destiny to seek out our brighter cousins and fathers.”
“Old Chinese proverb?” Oz asked quietly.
“Sentimental restaurant owner who misses home less than he thought he would.”

I’m currently rereading book 3 of the Spinward Fringe broadcast 0, and Minh-Chu (Ronin), continues to have the greatest dialogue. He speaks in these wacky pseudo-proverbs all the time, and is one of the most unique characters in any story I’ve ever read.


“If what you se…

“If what you see frightens you, then stop looking…”
“Old Chinese proverb?”
“No, crazy pilot’s advice.”

The newest “broadcast” of Randolph Lalonde’s Spinward Fringe series was just released. So of course I bought it and am rereading the series. One of my favorite characters, Ronin, has some pretty great dialogue.