Almost there

I’m totally not going to reach my self set deadline of 1pm. Whoops. But I’m churning out Sidekick very¬†very soon even so. Hopefully later today actually, I’m taking a break from writing to write this post and then going right back to the creative grindstone. Soon my pets, soon.

Today, this story; tomorrow, the world! Mwahahahahaha…



Tomorrow for sure

I was busier than expected these last few days and wasn’t able to work in my writing time. As a result, I have not completed my promised story… So I am editing said promise. It shall be on this site by 1pm Central Time tomorrow, this time for realsies.

It’ll be worth the wait… probably. Maybe not. We’ll see. Until then, I’ll be adding books to my “bookshelf” here on the blog today for the next few hours or so.

*Catch phrase*


What’s on Emu’s bookshelf!?

I’m adding a new category to my blog in which I will generate a list and description of all the books I have read and/or am reading. I expect it’ll take a while to get all the books and descriptions up because of the sheer quantity of books I now plan on adding. Anyways, my first entry for this category is up! Go check it out!

– Emu

Super Villain has been revised!!

I have added a slightly revised version of Super Villain to the site. It really only fixes two little “hiccups.” They were little parts that didn’t hit the ear quite right when I read them out loud so don’t expect any significant difference. I anticipate having the sequel to Super Villain added on Monday. I’ll keep you in the loop dear friends… readers… whatever.

May the force be with you.


Slackin’ Off

With classes over, I’ve been slacking a bit on the writing. I’m going to get back to it now that I’ve had a few days to enjoy the break from school however, and then I’ll post shtuff as it gets written. I have some ideas brewing that I think might go well… We’ll see. Keelah Se’Lai


Not a whole lot of free time

With Finals week coming up here at RVC, I’ve been bogged down with various different assignments and studying and whatnot. So I’m afraid that it will be a while before I can post any work. I’m working on a few things when I can and will likely be able to upload them by next Thursday if I can get some internet access. Stay Classy World.