Sidekick 2.0

I’ve started rewriting Sidekick because I couldn’t get the character depth I wanted… So this time around I am changing the personality of the main character and giving him a name – Adrian Schueller. It will be about his transformation from boring insurance broker to being part of a “super villain” team up. My first character from Super Villain has revenge as his motivation, but Adrian’s motif will be in a little more towards the morally grey area. He’s going to be a guy, who under different circumstances would not be in his situation… vague I know, but I can’t go spoiling my own story now.

In addition, I’m staying true to my original idea for journal entries as a story telling device and so Sidekick will be told through a series of journal entries written by Adrian. In the next few days, I may or may not have access to internet though, so this site might be dead until next week, unless I can sneak in some time somewhere with internet. Brace yourself, Sidekick is in transit. ETA: soonish.





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