The newsflesh trilogy, by Mira Grant, begins with this book. In this series, the dead are walking. That’s right, this is a zombie book. And a damn good one at that (in my opinion). Anyways, this book takes place in a world in which major diseases and illnesses (i.e. Cancer and the common cold) have been defeated. Improvements in the medical field have brought about two engineered “viruses” that act like a rhino-virus, or a virus that grants immunity to another similar (and often much worse) virus/disease. The catch? They mutated together and brought forth the zombie horde. Society has survived, but only just. This series follows  Georgia and Shaun Mason as they struggle to find out the truth about a dark conspiracy. What conspiracy you ask? Now, that would be telling… so go pick up a copy and find out!




Emu’s rating: 9.0/10.0

Wanna read it? You can go buy it here (Goes to product page on Amazon.com)


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