Super Villain – Draft II


“With great power, comes great responsibly.” These are words any self respecting comic nerd should know. They are a warning against the dangerous, corrupting influences of ultimate power. These words embody a great truth about human nature; about human greed and that constant desire for more. What they fail to realize however, is how goddam fun true power really is. How exhilarating it is to have some smug bastard completely at your mercy. You must think me a monster, that I’m touched in the head. Maybe I am, but then so are you and so is everyone else.

Trust me, I didn’t always think this, I was once like you. I fantasized about the super heroes everyone knew and loved. Spider-man, Iron Man, The Hulk; I would lay in my bed at night, staring at the ceiling, wishing I could wake up with amazing super powers and fight bad guys, help little old ladies across the street, save the fucking world every other Tuesday. Everyone always thinks of themselves as the good guy, that if they had true power, then they would do the right thing. And some would. Some. Most people wouldn’t… couldn’t. I’m talking 99.99%. Look no further than our lovely politicians if you want to see the proof.

Anyways, I digress. The point is, I was like most people when my shot finally came, ignorant of the truth, ignorant of me. Sure I started out good, most do, but that all changed the moment my family was murdered, and by the very same people I was trying to protect.

They called me freak, monster, said I gained my powers through the devil or some shit. Nevermind that I just saved their lives from some two bit gang of thugs trying to rob a bank. You see, real life isn’t like comic books. When people see things they can’t explain, like for instance a bank robber getting thrown through a window with someone’s mind, they don’t cheer for the man who saved the day, the man who stopped bullets in mid-fucking-air with his mind, and put away three murderous thugs behind bars. No. At the end of the day, I was called a freak, not a hero.

The very next day I’m an outcast at school. Everyone was afraid of me; my friends, my teachers, everyone. Parents were making their children stay home from school so they wouldn’t be by the dangerous freak. I come home to see my house vandalized with ‘Go Away’ and ‘Freak’ spray painted all over the yard. Over the course of a very long, and hellish week, my family and I were terrorized by the city, never in person mind you. They were too afraid for that, but they always left something new for me every time I returned home from somewhere. One day, the school stopped allowing me to attend all together, saying I was too dangerous. When I showed up at the office to argue my case, they called the cops. I was arrested for little more than existing, forced to spend a night in the local jail. They locked me up like some kind of animal. My family tried to come get me out, they offered bail money and everything. The cops would have none of it and sent them out, threatening to arrest them for some ‘obstruction of justice’ bullshit. In all honesty, I could have busted out of that place anytime I wanted, but my dad told me to play along, that it would all blow over eventually.

Well word must have gotten around that I was in lock up because that night there was a break in at my house. My parents fought back I’m sure, but when I was finally out I found the door to my house kicked in, the place trashed, and my family beaten.

As you could imagine, I was furious. I called for an ambulance and upon arriving at the hospital, was denied service. I tried to contain my rage, I did. Most of that hospital visit is a red haze, but what I do remember is the startled gurgling noise that the heartless asshole of a doctor made as I threw him through two walls and a window… on the 4th floor. I didn’t have anymore problems with finding doctors for my parents and sibling after that. Unfortunately, it was already too late, the wounds were too severe and the medical treatment didn’t come soon enough. My family died in their hospital beds that afternoon.

It was at that moment I realized who I was. Or really, who I wasn’t. I am not the good guy. I am not the hero. I am the fucking super villain. And I fucking love it. If they want a monster, I’ll give them a monster.


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