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“Oh, come on. Y…

“Oh, come on. You have to admit that you’re unusual, Vin. You’re like some strange mixture of a noblewoman, a street urchin, and a cat. Plus, you’ve managed — in our short three years together — to kill not only my god, but my father, my brother, and my fiancee. That’s kind of like a homicidal hat trick. It’s a strange foundation for a relationship, wouldn’t you say?”

This quote was from Elend to Vin in The Hero Of Ages (Mistborn Book III). This sentence cracked me up. Vin did indeed kill all those people, but the way it happened hid this observation until you stop to think about it. I love how it gets thrown out in the open like that.

The Fire Drill

The Fire Drill

It was a normal day of school, there were no indications of anything special. Students arrived in the morning, went to class, complained about how tired they were to their friends,who complained about something else right back. The same thing, just with a different day. Midway through the second period things started getting interesting. That was when fire alarm began going off. Everyone stopped what they were doing and having had experience with fire drills, the students and teachers all began heading outside via the planned upon routes.

Most of the students were outside in the field adjacent to the school when a room in the second floor of the northwest corner exploded, showering glass below onto the pavement. Cries of surprise and panic could be heard from students and teachers alike as they tried to flee from the school. This was not a drill, not anymore. The common emergency protocol of “walk, don’t run” was little more than an after thought as everyone was now running as far away as they could from the now burning school. This was not a drill, not anymore.

The blast happened in the chemistry room; a lab requiring the Bunsen burners was in session prior to the drill and one of the more timid students leaped up in surprise when the alarm rang, knocking her burner over and onto the rubber hose of the adjacent lab group’s burner. The chemistry teacher saw the event happen and immediately went for the emergency shut off valve, yelling for the students to shut their gas valves. The intense heat of the Bunsen burner coupled with the old, damaged hose was too much, however, and the gas line ignited.

Firefighters were on the scene in minutes, thanks to the school policy of having the fire department supervise fire drills, and were guiding those still inside out to safety. Those watching from the fields sat in shock as more firefighters ran in to get the students out who were still by the chemistry lab room. They watched hoping to see everyone make it out safe.

The Lies Of Locke Lamora

This book… this book. I love this series. Scott Lynch did a fantastic job thinking this story up. It follows a young orphan street urchin as he learns how to become, and eventually lead a group of brilliant thieves. Then everything goes to hell (as things often do). The dialogue in this book is fantastic and the story will leave you wanting more. The Lies Of Locke Lamora easily makes its way into my top 3 favorite books of all time… what are the other two? I don’t know, but this is definitely in there. Check it out!!!



Emu’s rating: 9.5 / 10.0

Wanna read it? You can go buy it here (Goes to product page on Amazon.com)

Bad Habits Die Hard

It seems I have a bad habit of not delivering promised stories… well enough I say!!

I’m determined to have Sidekick out soon! Having taken time to think about where I want my story to go, its really just a matter of putting pen to paper now (and then fingers to keys). Similar to the style of Super Villain, I’m going to have the story be a first person introspective kind of view. This time I’m thinking of using the whole journal entry shtick. Just to play around a bit. It’s shaping up rather nicely though if I do say so myself. 

Live Long and Prosper


Old Man’s War

John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War is easily one of my favorite books, Amusing from page 1 to the very last page, this book has some great characters and a futuristic, unforgiving universe. The story follows an 80 year old man named John Perry as he enlists in the military organization called the CDF (colonial defense force) and his career in the CDF from Recruit to Captain.  The grim humor that Scalzi has worked into this book is what kept me coming back to his work. There’s an especially good spot in the first half that reminds me of the movie Full Metal Jacket. This book is a great entry point for those new to the science fiction genre.



Emu’s Rating: 9.25/10.0

Wanna read it? You can go buy it here (Goes to product page on Amazon.com)