A list of the stories I am working on

Seeing as I am using this blog as a way to “publish” some stories and get some feedback on what I need to improve, I think putting a list of what to expect will probably be beneficial. So here it is, in no particular order

  1. The Specter Of Wraithmarsh
  2. March Of The Creeps
  3. Creatures Of The Night School
  4. Wonderland
  5. Implosion: The Story Of Rodney’s Meltdown

I would like to put a definite date of when I’ll finish one of these stories, but as of right now, I haven’t the slightest clue when that’ll be. So what I think I’ll do instead is put them out on a “chapter to chapter” basis. If I do that, then I’ll likely be putting out the first chapter of Specter soon (I need to edit and retype it). I’ll have each part of work categorized so it’ll be easy to find and read. When I start getting feedback, I’ll edit and post another draft or something. That’s my game plan so far, I’ll keep this blog updated if I decide to change anything.



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