Short stories in the works

Thanks to my creative writing class, I have another idea for a story to play with. It’s going to star a female main character who suffers from severe hallucinations, and other things of that nature. The story is going to be told from her point of view so things should be interesting. So far I’m thinking it will take place in some night school, or library, or something. The big thing is it will be during the night. I’m hoping to have some fun writing this character, and to play with how she sees the world. Once I work out the story I’ll throw it on here to be read by my many, many followers. (cricket chirps)

My other story currently being worked on, the one I mentioned in “Sink or Swim,” will be about an adventure through a rather spooky swamp. I was inspired by a scene in Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch (half-assed spoiler alert)  in which Locke and Jean traverse a foggy, foreboding section of the sea on a pirate ship. (End of spoiler alert) My story is supposed to be akin to a “sailor’s tale” kind of thing, except that it won’t take place in any kind of boat. Upon completion, that too will be posted here.

While writing these stories, the one thing I’m having a bit of an issue with so far is dialogue. I’ve read many great books with fantastic dialogue and compared to the great works of people like Brandon Sanderson or Scott Lynch, my dialogue is… well, amateur. I will ponder this issue and work on it. Practice makes perfect and all that.



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