Sink or swim

Hmm, my first blog. I’m not even sure what to write…er, type. Well to hell with it, if I’m going to become any kind of writer ever, then I damn well better get used to writing . So here goes. I’ll be making myself post semi-regularly, at least once a week, and hopefully I’ll pick up a few readers or something eventually. As for what I’ll be posting, well most of the time I imagine I’ll be talking about my little experiment with writing stories. I’ll post the finished products on here upon completion and then we’ll go from there. After all, I’ve never been one for planning anything extensive.

Before I start posting anything story related, however, I’d like to say a few things about myself. The first thing being that while I would love to be a writer, I don’t picture myself doing anything like that as a career. I plan on going into the computer science industry and become either a video game designer or computer programmer. That being said, I have always liked the idea of being a writer. I read a lot and love a good story. My favorite genres being Science Fiction and Fantasy, I enjoy reading books by John Scalzi, Brent Weeks, Scott Lynch, Randolph Lalonde… well you get the idea. If you haven’t heard of them I highly suggest you take a trip to the nearest book store or download the amazon kindle app or something, because you’re missing out. The story I’m currently playing with right now is going to be a fantasy/adventure kind of dealie. I anticipate it to be something like 20 pages or so, but I’ve never really written anything like this before so I could be way off.

Anyways, I’m a sophomore at one of the local community colleges here in Rockford, Illinois. I don’t drive quite yet because I’m a bit lazy at times. I love to read, I play the drums, I love to listen to music, I play video games, and I would like to become a writer of fiction on the side of my future career: making video games. Oh, and if you know of any good bands coming to the Rockford area, hit me up. I love concerts.

So that’s how it’s going to be. I’ll start posting shtuff and maybe someone out there will listen. No? Well that’s fine too, I need the practice. The internet can be a scary place for us creative types. So have mercy. Or don’t. I really don’t care all that much.



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